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Viscolight Slurry Treatment

Viscolight Slurry Treatment

Viscolight is a 100% natural product and is used in manure storage tanks and slurry lagoons for retaining the nitrogen value in the slurry and creating a more homogeneous and more easily pumped liquid manure. Viscolight creates a more homogeneous slurry and less viscous mixture of sedimentary and floating layers. 

Viscolight works by slackening and binding some of the ammonia in the slurry. This makes it easier to mix the sediment and floating layer to a consistent mass, which can keep floating for up to 24 hours after stirring. Optimal effect will occur with daily stirring. After adding to the slurry tanks Viscolight will remain active for more than a year. However, more Viscolight must be added if there has been a supply of new and untreated slurry. This is done with 20 grams per cubic meter of added slurry. If the manure storage tank has been at rest for a longer period of time, it should be stirred vigorously before you start spreading.

  • Improves the value of fertiliser and helps save money
  • Provides a better indoor climate
  • Helps reduce ammonia smells

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