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Staldren Dry Disinfectant
Contact Us for great prices on Staldren from the UK's exclusive distributor.

Porcichew Use Reduces Tail-Biting in Pigs
“Porcichew” is a new high welfare pig toy made in the UK. Constructed from biodegradable malleable material, it has been shown to help reduce tail biting.

Porciscan, Reliable Pregnancy Scanner for Pigs
"Porciscan" is a new lightweight handheld scanner which can accurately detect pregnancy in pigs from as little as 19 days!

Porcibloc Now Available Through ERFS
Porcibloc is a new, high-welfare mineral block designed exclusively for pigs. It was short listed in this year's best new product award at the Pig and Poultry Fair 2014.