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Twenty One Fly Concentrate

Twenty One Fly Concentrate

Twenty One is an uniquely formulated product for professional use against flies in pig, poultry and livestock housing.  It can either be diluted in water and sprayed onto walls or floors, or mixed into a thicker emulsion to be painted onto boards and hung in the farm.  Twenty One contains fly pheromones and attractants that lure the flies to the treated area for fast and effective control.

Additionally Twenty One is most effective when painted in strips and made with the consistency of paste. Paint directly on problem areas. Effective when applied to boards and hung around the vicinity.  Lightly spray the treated area to increase the efficacy of the bait. Cola increases the efficiency of the product as the acidic nature of the liquid compliments the poison.  Cola also works as an extra attractant.

  • Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical on the UK market - flies will die within seconds of contact or ingestion
  • The only product available that can be both sprayed and painted
  • Effective for 12 weeks
  • Attracts insects fast with pheromones and attractants
  • Immediate results - kills the fly almost instantly

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