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Turbair Electrafan Insecticide and Fungicide Sprayer

Turbair Electrafan Insecticide and Fungicide Sprayer

Electrafan is a range of air-assisted spinning disc sprayers for low and ultra-low volumne application of insecticides and fungicides in situations with little or no natural air movement.

The sprayers produce small even sized droplets which are carried in the airstream to the target.  Highly versatile, the range for use in glasshouses, greenhouses and polytunnels for the treatment of crops, pest control in buildings, insect control in poultry houses, stables, cowsheds and piggeries for applying vaccines to poultry.

Additionally, they have been proven to be very effective in controlling pests within grain stores and can be used for treating walls, floors, machinery, handling equipment, packing materials or stacks of bagged grain.

A choice of models of Electrafan is available in battery and electrically-powered options to suit the users' requirements.

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