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Staldren Green

Staldren Green

Staldren® Green is an organic hygiene powder, which has a broad effect against moisture, smell, bacteria and fungal spores.

Benefits include:

  • Staldren® Green is kind to the environment, and has a well-documented effect on the most common bacteria and fungi spores.
  • Staldren® Green is phosphate free and pH-neutral, meaning it does not dissolve or loosen floors or pens, nor does it dry out the animal's thin skin.
  • Staldren® Green binds ammonia to a level so humans and animals can stay in the housing without obnoxious smells or shortness of breath.
  • Staldren® Green absorbs moisture and is particularly useful in high humidity.
  • Staldren® Green disinfects and cleans the environment, reduces the level of infection, and ensures healthier animals.

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