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Spinster Solution Stirrer

Spinster Solution Stirrer

The SPINSTER™ stock solution stirrer is a highly efficient and easty-to-use stirrer for use with all types of product held in a stock solution.

Holding stock solutions containing particles in suspension can be problematic.  In a highly concentrated form, many powder products are not able to be dissolved.  In this situation, there is a possibility that the particles will settle out during dosing leaving a residue remaining in the stock container after the dosing period has ended.  This can be a costly waste of product and lead to inaccurate dosing.

The SPINSTER™  stock stirrer applies sufficient agitation to keep particles in suspension right through the dosing period.  All active ingredients are therefore dosed accurately with no product residue remaining at the end of the dosing period.

There are many uses for The SPINSTER™, among these are:

  • nutritional powders
  • medicinal powders
  • vaccines
  • horticultural products


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