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Disinfectant  - Smoke Bomb Fogger Fumagri OPP

Disinfectant - Smoke Bomb Fogger Fumagri OPP

Disinfectant smoke bomb fogger to eradicate fungal and bacterial contamination.

Bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant with OrthoPhenylPhenol (OPP).  Dispersion by Ultradiffusion® complies with biocide regulations, use PT03: livestock premises disinfection.

  • demonstrated effectiveness against Salmonella, aspergillus and other bacteria and moulds as well as against the following viruses:  Avian Influenza (H9NZ), Newcastle disease, Infectious bursal disease
  • uniform diffusion of the disinfectant
  • safe to operators and animals after use: no humans or animals present during treatment
  • convenient and fast application
  • non-corrosive
  • no staining risk

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