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Pregnancy Tester - Rotech PregTector

Pregnancy Tester - Rotech PregTector

The Rotech PregTector enables quick, easy and accurate identification of those non-productive sows, even before the first return to oestrus and because it works on the Doppler principle, it can be used at any time after that, even after farrowing, where it can detect the presence of live fetuses retained in the uterus.

The PregTector works by detecting the presence of blood-flow in the uterus of the sow.  When the probe is placed on the belly of the sow, no other arteries are within its range and the uterine artery will only have detectable bloodflow during pregnancy.  As gestation progresses, the much faster pulse of the fetuses can also be heard and this becomes more significant day by day until the sow farrows.

Unlike Pulse-Echo pregnancy testers, the PregTector will not be affected by other structures in the sow’s belly, such as a full bladder, infected uterus or fluid in the gut. So a positive diagnosis with the PregTector is absolutely certain.

As far as the operator is concerned, the PregTector can be likened to a sensitive stethoscope with which he can recognise the characteristic sounds of pregnancy. Each instrument is delivered with an instructional audio cassette which explains the sounds and teaches the breeder how to use the PregTector.

The PregTector is housed in a unique silicone-rubber case, possibly the first time this resilient material has been used to make an enclosure for electronics. It has also made it possible to introduce a Blue version with the probe face at an angle of 45º. This has the advantage of making the instrument easier to use in a confined space. It should also keep the probe free of coupling medium, making pregnancy diagnosis a cleaner operation.

 The rubber case gives excellent protection to the circuit and to the ceramic crystals in the probe face, making accidental damage less likely. However, it is extremely easy for a local distributor, without any electronic knowledge, to exchange the complete electronics module in the unlikely event of a failure occurring.

 The PregTector is warranted for 3 years from date of purchase against faulty manufacture and components.*

 *Battery and headset are specifically excluded from warranty

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