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Rat & Mouse Bait- Rodex Whole Wheat

Rat & Mouse Bait- Rodex Whole Wheat

Rodex Whole Wheat is an advanced formula rodenticide, using high palatability baits.  This ensures the target rodent eats the lethal dose of active ingredient in the shortest possible time.  Rodex baits contain 50 parts per million (ppm) or 0.005% w/w of the second generation anticoagulant bromadiolone.

Rodex Whole grain baits are made of high quality micronised wheat which is treated at high temperatures to:

  • prevent germination
  • increase shelf life
  • improve nutritional value
  • improve palatability to rats

Once the micronised grain has been treated with the rodenticide, moisture, dyes, attractants and flavours are added to encourage the rat to eat more bait at a single sitting.

Rodex bait is approved for use for the control of rats and mice indoors and outdoors.

PLEASE NOTE:  For all sales of Rodenticides customers are required by law to have completed an approved training course or be part of an accredited farm assurance scheme.

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