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The Award-winning Porcichew helps prevent tail biting and other aggressive behaviour in both nursery and finishing pens.  Pigs simply prefer the plastic chew toy to their penmates tail!

Developed based on research indicating the pig's preference for clean, plastic type materials.  Proven to reduce tail biting and stimulating natural behaviour.

Porcichew is an example of an object that can satisfy some of the pigs behavioural needs as required by Red Tractor Farm Assurance Pig Scheme standard AH.1.1

  • 9 varieties - each carefully selected for their appeal to the pig
  • The more the pig plays and bites the Porcichew the more scent is released
  • Antibacterial (proven to kill 99.9% of E. Coli)
  • Unique high welfare design
  • Attractive colours and scents
  • Suitable for all pigs from 6 weeks of age

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