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Feeding Pan - Easy Piglet Pan with Hopper

Feeding Pan - Easy Piglet Pan with Hopper

The Mini Hopper Pan is a dish and hopper to dispense starter feed to piglets in the farrowing phase.  Access to feed is always fresh and ensures more piglets have access.  The consumption of starter feed improves the adaptation of the animals to feed after weaning.

  • Maxmises consumption and minimises waste
  • Capacity for several days, reducing labour required to dispense feed
  • Feed flow adjustable to feed particle size
  • Easy cleaning
  • Circular design with multiple feeding spaces, free access, feed always fresh and warm touch, increases the number of animals that use it
  • Can be fastened to any type of metal grilled or plastic floor
  • Circular concave rimmed dish with no corners that animals can't reach
  • Watertight plastic dish
  • High capacity hopper with height adjustment system and watertight cover
  • Hook attachment operated with one hand
  • Approximate size 28cm wide, 30cm tall, 5cm deep pan

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