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Organ-X Desi-DUST

Organ-X Desi-DUST

Desi-DUST is a natural organic (diatomaceous earth) entrapment powder; made up of tiny fossilised silica diatoms.  Natural silica has many uses.  Absorbing moisture, fats and oils; aids in plant growth and development; anti-caking feed additive are but a few.

Desi-DUST works by naturally drawing away all the essential moisture insects require to aid in their development and reproduction.  Without any moisture the insects cannot breed, making living conditions uninhabitable.

Desi-DUST can be applied on and around pets and animals including their bedding, litter areas, cracks and crevices.  The natural silica absorbs any moisure, reduces odour and bacteria breeding grounds, resulting in clean dry areas where insects find it impossible to develop.  Ani

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