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Organ-X Desi Dust

Organ-X Desi Dust

100% Natural Diatomaceous Earth

For the prevention of crawling insect development (red mite, bed bug, lice, feather mite, spider mite and all crawling insects).

Desi-DUST is a naturally-mined, mineral product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms.  When crushed to a fine powder it feels similar to chalk powder to the touch, but when viewed under a microscope the fine particles resemble shards of broken glass!  Highly effective when applied to areas where insects harbour.

Desi-DUST can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Desi-DUST works by naturally drawing away all the essential moisture insects require to aid in their development and reproduction.  Without any moisture the insects cannot breed, making living unhabitable.

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