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Mobile Creep Cover

Mobile Creep Cover

This Mobile Creep Cover facilitates the maintenance of a microclimate that is optimal for piglets in the farrowing phase without affecting the comfort of the sow, meaning room temperature can be reduced and keeps the sow away from the heat source that insulates the piglets.

Especially recommended in cases when its use is only needed temporarily or occasionally, as they are easily transportable and do not required any fixed installation.

  • Protects the piglets from draughts and creates a microclimate under the bell-shaped cover to reduce heat loss
  • 20-40% reduction in energy consumption in farrowing pens
  • Easy to install and transport, can be used for a few days or the whole period of lactation
  • Very durable and easy to clean with no ribs
  • Quickly and easily adjustable height
  • Opening for lamp with airtight connection
  • Keeps houses at a lower temperature and reduces the intensity of the heat sources for the piglets
  • Lightweight and resistant monoblock structure
  • Available in red finish and transparent to allow easy observation of piglets

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