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Fibercombi Hygiene Powder

Fibercombi Hygiene Powder

Fibercombi® is a unique hygiene product suitable for all kinds of animals and housing systems which improves sanitary conditions and can be used with the animals present.  It is composed of various specially selected ingredients each of which contributes to optimal well-being and health.

Fibercombi® can complement other hygiene products or replace the use of other drying agents, potato flour/starch and bedding material.

Fibercombi® is suitable for prevention of infection and for improvemnt of sanitary conditions for all kinds of livestock and housing systems.

Fibercombi® has an enormously high absorption capacity because of its complex composition, which also includes rape fibres, potato starch and potato fibres.

Fibercombi® is primarily used in lying areas and creates a very dry environment immediately and contributes to eliminating the living conditions of harmful pathogens and fly maggots.


On farm evidence of the reduced occurrence of piglet diarrhoea without the use of antibiotics with continued use of Fibercombi® .




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