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Feeder Trough - Finisher

Feeder Trough - Finisher

Standard feeders suitable for pigs age 8-22 weeks (20-105kg) for indoor use.

  • 300mm wide feed spaces.  1 to 8 spaces per feeder.
  • manufactured from 6mm black polypropylene
  • optional extras included:  outdoor lid, rain deflector strip, extra capacity, double-sided
  • all dividers fitted in multi-space feeders are full height blank through dividers and conform with all welfare feeding regulations
  • adjustable choke slides to regulate the feed flow from the hopper to the trough
Spaces Capacity Length (Height 900mm/Depth 405mm)
1 42kg 310mm
2 85kg 610mm
3 125kg 910mm
4 170kg 1210mm
5 210kg 1510mm
6 250kg 1810mm
7 295kg 2110mm
8 335kg 2410mm

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