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Disinfectant Powder - Viroxide Super

Disinfectant Powder - Viroxide Super

A broad-spectrum powder disinfectant recommended for use on hard surfaces and independently proven to act rapidly against bacteria and viruses.  It offers a wide range of applications, including terminal disinfection and continuous disinfecttion such as boot dips, aerial misting and fogging, disinfection of vehicles, livestock drinking water and hatcheries at economical in-use dilution.

  • DEFRA Approved against FMD, SVD, Diseases of Poultry and general orders
  • Quick protection - effective oxidisation for speed of kill
  • Total disinfection - increased surfactant to aid pathogen penetration and cleaning action
  • Outstanding virucidal and bactericidal properties
  • Safe to use in the presence of livestock and farm workers during aerial disinfection
  • Keeps water pipelines clean, reducing the build-up of scale and biofilm - maintaining pipe diameter, water flow and volume
  • Easy to store and use
  • No known pathogen resistance and no need for disinfectant rotation

Recommended for use on equipment, in animal housing, transport and service vehicles, service rooms, footbaths and more.  Also proven to inactivate most viruses, including coronaviruses for use on all surfaces.

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