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Scanner - Backfat for Pigs

Scanner - Backfat for Pigs

Diagnostic Ultrasound has an important role for maintaining optimum body condition of gilts and sows to achieve high levels of piglet production and also in the prediction of backfat depth on live pigs to help with the selection of animals for leaner pork production.

The BF-8 is a smart swine backfat meter that is an ideal management tool giving accurate measurements on the handheld display and can also work with any Android devices (tablet/smartphone).

Simple operation - press the backfat meter key and place the meter with gel at the tenth rib, 6.5cm from the midline of the back.

This is typically referred to as the P2 and the meter will display the backfat reading on the LCD display instantly.

The reader can also be used to read ear tags on pigs, pig ID will be recorded by the APP.

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