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Syringes - Reuseable (ARD)

Syringes - Reuseable (ARD)

Durability is a key differentiator for the ARD syringe.  Made from high quality plastic materials, the ARD syringes guarantee resistance to all known chemicals and are virtually unbreakable.

With each use, the ARD syringes provide total reliability.  The indelible graduation on the syringe enables accurate use.  Furthermore, the injection is leak-free thanks to a silicone gasket.  It has a removable body so can be fully sterilised.

The 10ml, 20ml and 50ml syringes are guaranteed unbreakable thanks to a body composed of premium polymer. Its mechanical and chemical components have a better resistance than standard syringes.

The realibility is assured by a precise injection without leaks due to a quality, non-stick and hydrophobic o-ring.

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