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Aqua Level

Aqua Level

The Aqua Level water valves is an ideal product for maintaining a given water level in bowls, tanks, troughs etc.

Especially suitable for newly-weaned piglets, which learn to drink best when they have acccess to a water surface and for farrowing pens ensuring that there is always water in the trough. 

  • Advantage:  The valve maintains constant water level (just as a float valve will) but cleaning is far easier since the valve body itslef is installed about 1.0m above the water surface.
  • Function:  Aqua Level function is based on vacuum acting on a rubber diaphragm which shuts off the valve.  The closing function is integrated in each valve so that valves can be closed individually.
  • For installation in horizontal water pipes
  • The valve can also be closed with a simple handle
  • Double lifespan for the new, double-walled membranes
  • Maintains constant trough water level
  • Easy access to water
  • Piglets find water faster
  • Up to 20 pigs per trough
  • Works with a vacuum function
  • Can be used in low or high pressure (10-60 PSI/0.7-4 bar)

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