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AICT20 Medibox Lite

AICT20 Medibox Lite

  • Control the temperature of products in transit
  • Switchable 12V vehicle and mains power
  • Heat or cool automatically as required for all conditions
  • Digital Temperature Set-point
  • Ideal for the transport of temperature sensitive products

The AICT20 has been designed to provide a reliable temperature controlled environment for the transportation of temperature sensitive products.  It is light, can be easily carried by hand using the integral carrying handle and operates from either 240Vac mains or from 12Vdc socket that is installed in most vehicles.  The AICT20 comes equipped with with a 240Vac Mains Adapter and a 12Vdc Cigerette Adapter.  It also has a useful divider which can easily inserted into the storage area of the AICT20 so the user can organise or secure stored items.

The AICT20 is fitted with a C1206 heat/cool controller which has a simple single menue.  This 'user friendly' controller can be used to set an adjustable dead band. and hysteresis for each output.  The controller also features a keypad lock facility to prevent accidental adjustments to settings and parameters.

Temperature Capabilities:  4°C to 38°C 

Usable Capacity:  20 Litres

Dimensions:  405mm x 303mm x 420mm

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