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Yoghurlac Ferro

Yoghurlac Ferro

Yoghurlac®Ferro is a tasty, energy rich, acidified yoghurt product in powder form with iron for piglets.  It gets thick like yoghurt when mixed with water.  Yoghurlac®Ferro can be used for 3 days to piglets in second week after birth to supplement the first iron injection.

Yoghurlac®Ferro contains:

  • Milk powder, lactose and dextrose, which is easily absorbable energy and milk protein
  • Iron in a a bioavailable form providing a higher haemoglobin level of the blood
  • Natural flavouring compounds with antioxidative properties
  • Combined yeast cultures support a beneficical gut microflora
  • Citric acid as acidfier, providing a fresh taste and reduced bacterial growth

Benefits and effect:

  • Tasteful iron and energy supplement for optimal growth
  • Optimise haemoglobin level in blood and avoid iron deficiency in piglets
  • Strong antibacterial effect, supporting a beneficial gut environment
  • Low pH which will keep harmful bacteria at a low level

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