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Vitamin E & Selenium Drench

Vitamin E & Selenium Drench

Growvite Vitamin E & Selenium Drench is oral liquid supplying Vitamin E & Selenium. These nutrients are essential to ensure you have healthy pigs, cattle and sheep.

Selenium plays a complementary role with Vitamin E in preventing cell membrane damage, which if allowed, can result in poor immunity and muscle tissue (skeletal, heart) damage in growing calves, sheep and pigs.

Selenium levels in the herd are dependent on the levels in the soil, if soils are classed as deficient, they will not provide enough selenium to meet the requirements of the animals grazing on its pastures.

Selenium-Vitamin E deficiency may cause an increase in stillbirth rate or the birth of weak offspring unable to suck unaided.  Studies have shown that supplementation with selenium and Vitamin E pre-partum has reduced the incidence of retained placenta, cystic ovaries and metritis in cattle and sheep.

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