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Hydraboost Liquid Complementary Feed for Piglets and Weaners

Hydraboost Liquid Complementary Feed for Piglets and Weaners

HYDRABOOST is a unique liquid product for use in the drinking water of piglets and weaners, containing a complex mixture of nutrients with sugars,electrolyte salts, amino acids, chelated iron, citric acid and flavouring.

HYDRABOOST re-establishes the balance of electrolytes and water at the time of stress: low mik intake, weaning, drop in water consumption, digestive upsets etc. 

Benefits of HYDRABOOST

  • increased water uptake by up to 50%
  • reduced risk of dehydration; electrolytes aid absorption
  • improved iron status from chelated iron (optimum haemoglobin levels)
  • improved digestion with the acidification of the gut by citric acid (stable pH)
  • lower risk of digestive upsets (by reducing the occurence of pathogenic bacteria (E.Coli) in the intestine
  • Improved growth rates with higher weight gain at weaning
  • Stimulaton of the appetite


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